Fast-paced arcade game featuring an original and addictive gameplay
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Vortiball is a fast-paced arcade game featuring an original and addictive gameplay. Either with the mouse or the keyboard arrows, you control a ball which is in constant movement, Vort, guiding it through the playing field with the goal of collecting all the coins, while sorting out several types of obstacles.
The idea is to complete levels, and prevent Vort from falling on the traps which are scattered all around the board. Collecting all the coins will open an exit through which Vort will access the following levels. These subsequent stages will present a more intricate board, with more traps and difficulties to deal with. The obstacles Vort has to sort out are varied, for example, touching Ghost Balls will reduce coins from the score, and the gears will block the path and change Vort's direction.
Apart from the traps and ghost balls, there will appear other items that can help you in different ways. One of these is a power up that will transform Vort into a spiked ball with the power to destroy ghost balls while the effect lasts. There is also a golden ring that will give you extra points.
Although the graphics look a bit dated, the gameplay is absorbing enough to keep you focused on the action. The music in turn, is lighthearted and accompanies the gameplay quite well.
The demo version we can freely download from LDA site is limited to ten plays.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Original gameplay.
  • Fast-paced and addictive


  • Graphics looks a bit dated
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